Shine YOUR Light at All Times: Be Luminant

by Amanda Goins January 19, 2016

amanda0“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…”  I remember very clearly singing these lyrics as a small child, and a hope welled up within me — that I would be able to shine my light throughout my life.  Then a smile crossed my face, because somewhere within me, I knew no matter what I would be able to do this.   This is my request to each of you today.  Find your inner “light” however you may define it.  That spark in your soul that makes you feel alive, and share it with the world in the most positive way possible – and remember, the possibilities are endless.

Since I have grown from that small child of 5 years of age of so, I have faced many challenges that have made me feel like the light has grown quite low.  Like a candle flame growing smaller and flickering — on the edge of extinguishing.  I will not delve into specific circumstance, because I do not seek pity or sympathy.  I simply want to explain that even if you don’t feel this light within yourself at all in this moment, it is there.  It never extinguishes…  that is not the essence of this light. This light will never abandon you.

Call it whatever you wish, God, Source, Love, Energy, or put not title on it at all.  Just dig deep to what drives you.  Think about about what truly brings a smile to you face, and your heart; be it family, friends, pets, music, dancing, writing, giving; whatever brings you joy.  That feeling that you have when you are with or involved in these facets of you life is what sparks your soul.  Start doing more of those things — the things that bring you serenity, joy, peace, love and happiness.

amanda1Make yourself happy first.  Stop defining yourself by how pleased anyone else is with you.  No matter how significantly you have been judged, hindered, or completely shattered… you are still here.  You have survived what many others would have submitted to, and you have risen like a Phoenix above that, to be the person you are now.  So take a moment, breath it in, and really REALLY think…what does, or would, make ME truly happy?  For those who are happy are luminant.  Fill yourself up with this feeling.  Let it brim over your being.

This is how you shine your light.  By being absolutely yourself. Not by following anyone else’s guidance and rules, not even this — unless it resonates/ or clicks with you.

As Buddha states,

When you truly come into your own and allow yourself to become saturated in what makes YOU happy, your joy will radiate and you will influence others.  Be it intentional, or something that you are unaware of.  A simple smile at that stranger you walk past on the street may brighten their day more than you ever imagined.  A kind word, a helping gesture, a phone call to someone that you haven’t spoken to in awhile… like I mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless.  Radiate your abundant happiness throughout your  being, your home, your community, your state, your country — or from a chair in a corner of your room on the internet (  ❤ ), which is my intent for this morning!

So I leave all of you with a bit of MY light, because though it has flickered in the past it radiates now, and I have plenty enough to share.  Know that you are loved, even when you feel the most broken and alone.  Know that you are worthy of happiness, and more. Worthy of love, worthy of an abundant and prosperous life… and I don’t mean simply materialistic… but with an abundance of the things that nurture and excite YOUR soul.

YOU,the one reading this NOW, it is my greatest wish at this moment, that you truly embrace your worth. Know that you are loved by many, including myself. I love you for the love you give to the world, for all the ways you have been broken and mended yourself.  I love you for being who you are and contributing to this journey called life.

Continue to shine your light… as brightly as ever!

Much love, as always,

Amanda  Source

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