Astrology for the Soul December 16, 2015

Published on Dec 16, 2015

As I am one with nature,
My path becomes more clear,
As every living thing on earth,
Has special fruit to bear.

Happy Solstice! Many astrologers draw up a chart for the moment the Sun ingresses into the sign of Capricorn as a means of looking at what the future year is holding for us. This year’s chart (shown in the Pele report and available in my newsletter) would show the Sun squaring the Moon’s nodes and a Taurus Moon opposite Venus among other aspects.

As I spoke about in the report, there is no greater remedy for our ills, nourishment or nurturing, than Mother Nature. As our society, environment, physical bodies, and relationships undergo stressful changes now and in these coming months, there really is no better place to be. During this hectic holiday season as we are lured by the media to lose ourselves in the rat race of materialism, time out to tune into the greater seasons of our lives can really be cure for any holiday blues. Wishing you the best of these times! Injoy!

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