Navigating the portals to ascension

New post on Truth Codes Ministries
by Karen Doonan

karen-doverFor many the past few linear days have been emotionally intense.  As the frustration of the human race in general begins to peak then the feeding of the darkness has reached unprecedented levels.  View it if you will as the last supper for the darkness, they are feeding on whatever they can find. This at a human physical waking level will see intense and deep illusion descend on those who are using purely logic and already given reference points for the human life experience.  A race that now stands on the edge of evolution are being asked to make a choice and this choice is done energetically as well as PHYSICALLY.  It is not enough to simply hold tight to the “want” to experience a better life, we are not moving into evolution of a new “version” of the human life experience, we are moving into an evolution of EXPERIENCE.  This will take us through and beyond what we have experienced in this our human form but only if we personally allow it to take us there.

Many will default to the behavior patterns of the religions of the world which seek to entrap the human race in the belief that the victory has not been won.  Many who follow religion do so in an attempt to make logical something that is beyond human logic.  We are here to experience a human life EXPERIENCE, we are not here to theorize, debate or judge and religion does all and more.  GOD, our creator YHWY, is found only within the heart space, the portal to the new life that GOD has promised AND WILL DELIVER is through our connection to Christ through our heart space. ALL other connections are simply optical illusions disguised as logically accepted portals which in TRUTH simply lead BACK INTO the very labyrinth they seek to persuade they are exiting.

This TRUTH is now fully unfolding and the confusion and frustration of all who are defaulting to and playing within these illusions will now intensify.  There is no “one way” to exit the old earth construct except through the heart space and in the full ARMOR OF GOD. Trying to exit a construct that is under full control of darkness with anything other than the full armor of GOD is akin to trying to cross a highway whilst wearing a blind fold.

For many the next few days will see intense frustration as the human race is now persuaded that it needs to turn on itself, this will see many who are following the illusions of the old earth construct fully fall into the darkness which consumes the fear of the human race. To look out on to the world and seek to only see what you THINK you should see is to walk in darkness. The LIGHT that many claim to follow is beyond the darkness, it is in the expansion that has now opened to ALL within the human race.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”
Karen X

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