11-11 Unity Gateway on the New Moon: Galactic Upgrade & Prayer for Peace

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Heather

Welcome to the 11-11 Upgrade & Prayer for Unity for the New Moon Gateway & 11-11 Portal to be conducted preferably between 11-11 & 11-14


A Channelled Frequency of Love into the Sacred Unity Flame

With White Buffalo Calf Woman, Christ Jeshua & Elohim

divinityThe Elohim & Sephardim Salute You

Carriers of the Flame

Destroyers of Obstacles

Returning the Grael, Sacred Union & Love

To Its Rightful Place


In the Hearts of Man & Gaia Complete

We Are Offered a Chance to…

Receive Sacred Light Codes for Integration of Love & Manifesting
Re-Calibrate Sacred DNA for Love, Compassion & Unity
Connect with Ancestors & StarFamily on the 11-11 Portal
Invoke the Sacred Twin Flame Union & Balance Relations
Anchor Your 11-11 New Moon Intentions into Mama Gaia- Connect to Her New Highway of Love
Receive Divine Transmissions in the way of a Kundalini Activation, DNA Upgrade, Pineal & Pituatary Cleanse, & Twin Flame Invocation

Have You Heard?

As a Lightbearer, Noble Warrior of Light, a Carrier of the Flame, you probably have not only heard, but have felt it deep in your bones, ready for a respite, some peace & Harmony…

A major battle has been secured on the behalf of Gaia, the Heavenly Bodies of Divine Love & New HUmanity, both on an individual level and on a Cosmic Level, both on a Heavenly level and on an Earthly level- Bringing them Closer to One Anothers’ Hearts

On 11-11, a Powerful New Moon, Mama Gaia aligns with the Galactic Core aligns with the Hearts of Man…

On 11-11, we reach the peak of the Collective Conscious Awareness & Unity Potential, after a major war has been won. The Elohim tell us that within the month of October, we may have undergone one of possibly the five greatest Spiritual Tug-of-Wars we’ve experienced here on Earth…

We have come out Victorious at this juncture- Great Unity Consciousness & Love Magnification is anchoring more deeply.

As a result, there are critical Frequencies from the Galactic Core & Messages of Love that White Buffalo Calf Woman, Christ Jeshua, the Elohim & Sephardim would deeply like you to receive in this GALACTIC (HEAVENLY) UPGRADE…

Our Divine Family wish to Thank You, if you have Chosen to return to the God-Force Within, & to do the Work of the Knight & Dame, Carriers of the Holy Flame

In this Galactic Upgrade Audio Transmission, they offer a prayer of peace, a Celebratory Galactic Upgrade, DNA Upgrade with the Diamond Heart & Sacred, Secret Codes, a Deep Heart Emulsifier, New Frequencies of the New Earth & Bringing in the New Dawn & Sacred Twin Flame Energies for You & All those Walking the Path of Love & Service…

It may allow for Greater New Beginnings, a Deeper Awareness or Integration of All of these Sacred battles and Gateways we have moved through in the last two months…

You may feel more “knowing, “more “connected,” more ready to rest then further carry out your quest to Re-Unit with your Divine Twin Flame.

The Time is Ripe.

The Foundation Has Been Established…
So, What Has Transpired? (channeled information…)

According to channeled Sources, Elohim and others, the Sacred Force of the Goddess/God has been Re-Established, the King of Kings has returned, the Queen of Queens held space for the Resurrection of our Divine Love, paving the way for Peace, Knowledge, Balance & Compassionate Heart Resonance in All that We Do, All that We Are.

It can appear as if Chaos is present in the planetary body and the human body, major changes and Galactic-Heavenly Upgrades taking place, some naturally, some by Choice and Conscious Re-Awakening

Everything we thought we knew begins to dissolve into Star Dust to Bring in a New Era of Divine Order, Compassion, Harmonic Reverence & Resonance

The Sacred Masculine has more fully attuned to the frequencies of the Earth Mother, the Galactic Sun & the Galactic Core Heart Matrix of Divine Love, Truth & Re-Emerging as One Unity Template, Bringing Heaven to Earth

Making it easier, if we Surrender to Love, to embody the Scared Flame & Twin Flame Relationship here on Earth

Sacred Union-Unity Possibilities are ever Arising as the Knight Returned as heir to His Kingdom with the Help of Divine Feminine Forces & His Own Free Will to give up Old Modalities of Manipulation, Violence & Control shared by the human body of old

The Old Kingdoms have re-united with the New Kingdoms, the continents with one another, Gaia’s Body with Her Original Self, thus Us with Our Original Divine Selves, the Fallen Angels returned to the Body of God

A Great Rainbow, Crystaline Bridge has been linked between between the “masculine” parts of the world & the “feminine,” between Ancient Kingdoms once separated & divided, the centers of our world (s0, between pain & pleasure, between chaos & comfort, between sex for profit & sex for Sacred Love & Unity) Bringing Us more fully into the Way of the Heart, the Prince, Tipharet on the Kabbalah Tree of Life

A Reunification Occurred of Central Sun as Our Hearts, HUman’s heart, men’s Hearts, Tipharet, the Prince-ess, Re-Align with Venus in Netzach and the Tree of Life Manifests Again Here on Earth

Remagnifying the Crystal Heart Matrix of the Earth Mother, Divine Masculine & Holy Communion through the Chakra-Attunement System, the Heart of the Sacred Mother

Mother Mary has expressed that the 144,000 Lightbearers are fully aligned and ready to assist, first by Finding their Sacred Twins

We have undergone A Great Ancestral Re-Calibration of Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine Roles, the Grael has been restored to the Garden of Eden, now to be reclaimed in each willing Soul’s heart Matrix of Love

Welcome Home, Dear Ones, They Say!

Heather Straube
Mystic, Medium, Muse


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