The Creator Writings – The Good Parent

creator11Are you a good parent?  You may not have offspring of your own, however, each of you has a child within.  He/she may have experienced or been exposed to things no child ever should and may carry the pain of those moments.  It is important to remember this and treat him/her accordingly.  When your child becomes upset and wants to be heard, do you douse the adult body with chemicals or food to quiet them?  Do you ignore their cries for understanding and love to fit in?  Do you pretend they do not exist and tell yourself to ‘get over it’?

Treat your inner child the same way you would treat any other child in your life.  Their growth and well-being depends on how well you choose to relate to him/her.  Pay attention to them, shower them with the Unconditional Love they may not have received and listen to understand what they are saying.  He/she has worked very hard to make sure you survived (and thrived) through your darkest days.  Let him/her come out and play in the sunshine.  Just like every other part of you, they are worthy and deserving of being honored! ~ Creator Source

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