Through the Body of the Dark, Divine Feminine, the Holy Grail, the Masculine Returns Home to His Heart…


to be conducted & received between October 22nd & November 3rd
healingdivinemasculine-300x217~ Welcome Home ~

Personal & Ancestral Clearing of the Masculine Heart through Divine Feminine Love Invoking Light, Courage, Integrity, Peace, Virtue, Honor, Compassion, Community Wellness & Sovereignty in Our Every Day Lives Shared by the Elohim, Sephardim, Mother Earth & Host of Light Bearers


the calling…

He Has Been Gone from Home for Far Too Long

Fighting Other People’s Battles & Taming Other King’s Dragons

All She Desires is to Love & Heal Her Brother, Her Lover, Her Friend

He Yearns to Re-Enter the Void, the Nothingness, Everything of Love

To Be Whole Again

To Ignite His True Flame of Desire & Sacred Truth

She Waits for Him

She Puts All His Pieces Back Together Again so that He Might Reach & Teach the People in the Ways of the True, Divine, Masculine Heart


for the lover in you seeking your Divine Other, Calling Him/Her Home,  for the Warrior-Healer in you seeking to Be Whole Again, for the True Woman & True Man who wore the false mask of masculinity & patriarchy, Ready to Surrender to Divine Love…

With the Love in Her Heart, Courage & Strength in Her Bones, the Egyptian Sister-Lover of Osiris, Isis, retrieved her Beloved’s dismembered body and put him into a Whole New Being, so that He Could Rule with Integrity, Balance & Great Compassion & Strength. We are doing this now during what some call the Great Awakening…The energy is potent; the Time is Ripe & Fecund.

In this Full Moon Ritual & Sacred Transmission from the Elohim & Sephardim

Isis/Ishtar/Innana reminds us that we are restructuring the Masculine Heart, re-magnifying the Crystal Heart Matrix of the Mother through her chakra points, attuning the system within and without- through the Arch of the Sacred Feminine Elixir, the Grael. The Warrior wishes to return home, to be bathed in Love, to be Born Anew. And we welcome him with open arms so that We may All Be Whole again…

Won’t You Join Us in this Sacred Masculine-Feminine Healing Ritual & Audio Transmission of Love & Balance?


According to the ancient Kabbalah, it is through the Masculine Heart we find our Joy, Peace & Compassion as rightful heirs and warriors of the Earth. Now, at this glorious time under the full moon portal, it is through the fertile, Sacred Feminine that He reclaims that part of Him that has been missing for far too long, blown to pieces by gunshot and knife wound. He Now grows back his severed limbs, scrapes off the scars around his Heart, and washes away the untruths and lies of the old paradigm.

But, he needs to open to love, and compassion, to the Feminine- In order to do so. And She needs Him to fulfill Their Destiny…Our Destiny as a HUmanity.

In this ELIXIR Transmission, you will Connect the Sacred Masculine Heart to its rightful place at the table through the feminine Elixir, through Her Chalice, Her Cup, through the ways of the Earth, Her Dirt, Her Spit, her Juices…

You may:

– Clear the Ancestral cords of outdated “Masculine” & “Feminine” paradigm(s)
– Imbibe in the Chalice of Integrity, Sanctity, Harmony, Virtuosity, Courage & True Strength/Power, which is That of Divine, Holy Love (love oneself)
– Connect & Re-Align the Old DNA You with the New DNA You for Clarity & Purpose
– Attune to the New Earth Grids & Help Return the Ring of Truth & Honor to Her Sacred Body
– Court Your True, Divine Self Aching to Know Itself Again After So Much War
– Re-Connect the Severed Parts of Self & Soul Death to Come Back Home: Connecting the Head & the Heart, The Left & the Right Hemispheres, the Sacral & the Heart, the Head & the Sacral, the Pineal Gland & the Phallis

Before we can “connect” to the Greater, we must first “connect” to the Inner, which is what this Transmission attempts to do from on the Highest High…

This is the first Transmission leading us into the 11-11 Gateway. This first one here allows us to come more fully into ourselves, to prepare for what’s to come, first by transmuting the Ancestral Wounds (Old Soul’s Day, the Mayan Day of the Ancestors). The second, provided in 1-2 weeks, will conjoin the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine more fully and re-align this Sacred Union with the fires and frequencies of the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of Humans, and the Heart of the ALL I AM.

They call to you

– How have you been at war? With your self? With others?
– With jobs that do not serve? With the false prophets, false warlords, false idols and false currencies?
– With people and places and ideas that were meant to divide and conquer-

Where does this TRansmission take you?

In this Transmission and Ritual – Ishtar and the Sacred Feminine Elixir ask us to align with our Hara, sacred sexual place of desire and power…

Right now is a Great Awkening leading up to the 11-11 Stargate Portal- A Major Re-Unification of the Central Sun (The King) as man’s heart, men’s heart, the heart of the Prince- Tipharet- re-aligns with Venus in Netzach on the Tree of Life in the most ancient of Earthly traditions- The Kabbalah. Ishtar and Anubus, the Egyptian Jackal headed God and True Transmuter- reminds us we must go through the Heart to get to everything. And this is why everything has been so run amok. It has been tainted by war, bloodshed, self-doubt, false truths and half truths.

We ask ourselves through this Sacred Gateway and guided Meditation/DNA Upgrade/Ancestral-Old Paradigm Clearing & Restructuring-

The War is Over * The Soldiers Have Come Home * It Is Time To Heal & Share Your Sacred Masculine Gifts with the World…

by; Heather Straube

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