Make Your Way Forward ~ Mercury Stations Direct in Libra on Friday Oct. 9!

Mercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, stations direct at zero degrees of Libra on Friday, while conjunct the North Node, the symbol for your destiny, signifying a brand new start with respect to a key relationship, or two. This may also connect with a new start in terms of how you relate, where you give and where you take. It’s about finding a better balance, so you can feel more in harmony with yourself, and as a result, more in tune with others. A New Moon in Libra on Monday, Oct. 12, looks fairly loaded as well, as the New Moon opposes Uranus in Aries, which just about guarantees an extreme change in your connections, in many cases offering a liberation point from the past. Jupiter, is also extremely well positioned, and in good faith he connects boldly to Pluto, encouraging the truth to come out at all costs, which presents the best possible outcome. Life will feel to be finally moving in a clear direction, but if your Soul is off track at all, this coming new moon will help snap things into place! The teaching here is to take charge of the change, to take steps you know need to take place, or else that change will happen to you, perhaps in a way you least expect, in a way you would not choose. Mars, the planet of action, opposes Neptune today, which leading up to this point, has created the feeling for some of being all over the place, the feeling of being undirected, and spinning wheels. It can also create the feeling of ‘waiting for the next shoe to drop’, as the fallout of the recent eclipse did not allow for solid footing. Some of you may have just wanted the freedom to roam and to simply ‘be’, to wander in search of the unknown… ~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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