The Eclipse Exposes Your Underbelly ~ The Fallout and the Freedom that Follows!

The recent Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse late Sunday, Sept 27, undoubtedly brought an emotional undercurrent to a head. There is no energetic room for repressing emotion under these peaking, potent tides, and for some, the energy stormed in unexpectedly, with many of you acting out of pure instinct, so spontaneously, that you could not even begin to catch yourself before the boom and the bang. Eclipses can bring about tremendous Soul turns, and in some cases life altering events that leave us forever changed. We are now in the fallout period where you will be putting certain pieces back together again, your life will be put in motion in a way that is a reflection of events of the past two weeks. Whatever themes were up for you, will now be in place for the next six months. Use this time as an opportunity to raise your own personal bar, making choices that serve to deepen your walk, versus choices that delay your destiny.There will always be changes throughout life, but the one thing that will never change, is the truth. Feel the freedom of the honest flow. There is no hiding now! ~ Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer
SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 – Dec 21]
The gates are open but you are still checking under your own hood to make sure everything is in working order for the journey ahead. This recent eclipse stopped you in your tracks, and may very well have created this fuzzy feeling, as if you almost didn’t recognize your life, or at least a few players who appear to be masquerading as someone else. People have gone crazy and they may continue to show their true colors in the coming week, as Mars and Neptune oppose one another in signs that square your own. In one area, you may need to wait this thing out, to see how the actions of another shakes loose. Do what you can to avoid overreacting or reacting period. In a way, the first one who speaks loses, so force the pause and play it silent and safe, for now. You may have zero clue what someone will do, and soon enough, you may not even care. What you do have going for you, and it is something to write home about, is that Saturn, in your sign, is forming exquisite angles of support to the nodes, the symbols that connect to your past and your future. You have a bright new beginning that is waiting to be claimed. Get ready to tackle the tangential tough stuff that may trickle in, but keep your eye on the ultimate target at all times.
You win this battle and this ball game by staying true to you!

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