The Oracle Report – Saturday, September 26, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, realization, experience
Moon in Pisces:
Goddess of Wisdom: All (led by Shodashi, Goddess of Beauty/Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest and Best and Matangi, The Administrator)
God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of the South)
Skill: Be ready.
Catalysts for Change:
True Alignments:
Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a girls basketball team” (unifying)
Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres”
Wise owls are called upon to put themselves aside and focus on a greater goal — joining together and spreading wings around the world in a wave of love.
A group meditation that occurs at individual times is the mission.  If you are inclined, sometime Sunday with the Full Moon, perhaps in the time you would have ordinarily read today’s report, please join me in a gathering of minds.  Picture:
•Your shield of divine protection
•Yourself taking flight as a wise owl
•Yourself taking your place in a ring around the Earth with the other wise owls around the world
•From your heart, emanate a wave of alignment with love, freedom, and the value of life
•Feel the pulse circle as the music we are putting around our sphere
•Repeat what you know in your heart: “Love prevails.”
Please modify this according to your own practice and style.  I have already prepared the space for the “ring of wings around the world.”  Let’s keep our minds focused on the bigger picture today.
“I told you that we could fly.  Because we all have wings.  But some of us don’t know why.” –INXS, Never Tear Us Apart
Listen to Laura Walker’s Interview with Phoenix on Truth Frequncy Radio last Wednesday:
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