Astrology for the Soul September 15, 2015

Published on Sep 15, 2015
The time is now,
To share my truth,
As an offering of light,
Love and gratitude.

We have a couple different options when dealing with the planetary energies this week. One is to feel oppressed or overworked, blow a fuse and let others have it! We may not be fully aware of how attached, pushy, or forceful we are being when trying to get our way. The second is to feel threatened by some nasty other and cower down in fear. The challenge will be to remain calm and centered between the two.

In this report I discuss how doing what is meaningful, purposeful, and true to you personally can change a dull, depressing routine into a joy filled contribution to humanity. As we re-examine, re-evaluate, and re-member that our truth lies within, we can more easily align not only our goals and dreams, but our daily and weekly lives toward achieving them. As Mercury goes re-trograde for the next three weeks in Libra you may find yourself re-visiting some thoughts, conversations, and approaches that need some re-fining and re-tuning. Don’t be afraid of humbly approaching the situation as cooperation at this time can produce some fantastic results. Injoy!

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