Kick It Into Gear ~ Mars Trine Saturn!

Risk taking Mars is forming an angle of impressive strength to Saturn currently, signifying a wonderful time to launch into projects or to set something that your Soul desires into motion. This will not be some ‘fly by night’ whim, this is a desire rooted deep in your Soul, one that you feel it is time to make real and time to make happen. Mars, the planet of action and desire, is in feeling Cancer and is forming a trine to Saturn in fellow water sign Scorpio, suggesting the desires that are surfacing, are arising from the deep. It is one thing to want something, and another to put in the time and effort it requires to make it manifest. Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

Give it your all, and you will summit before daybreak!


Your weekly Starcast is ready!

Astrological Starcast

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