Holiday Wishes ~ Important Gateway

by Meline Lafont

melineMy lovely friends and fellow travelers. It is Christmas and for me personally Christmas is a day like all others, as every Now moment is special to me and such a gift from the Divine to be able and simply exist.

I want to share my true feelings of honor and Love towards you all, as well as my best wishes during this important gateway! Thank you for being a part of my adventure and for allowing me to be a part of yours. Thank you for holding that space of Love and for anchoring the Light. This Christmas feels like a crumbling of the bridge scenario as I got the vision of the bridge between old and New world crumbling down at the side of the old world, so that there was no trespassing nor going back anymore. Also Light cities are being activated and actualized at this time!!

So what I wish for you all, this Christmas, is a Love filled gateway, and may the brightness of you shine and radiate throughout all so that you become visuable as this Pillar and Portal of Light. May you find the courage and strength to leave behind old values and bring forth new creations that are of your Higher Dimensional levels whose resonance is of New Earth. May you heal all there is left to be healed and removed, so that you enter the dawn of 2015 as a free Being without limitations. May you experience all the Love that you are and where you stand for and may you bridge yourselves to the extension of your Multidimensional Self in this Earthly experience.

Have a love filled Christ-Mas aka the Alignment Gateway with the Galactic Center. Let the Galactic energies of Multidimensionality enter and anchor for good.

Lots of Love
Méline Portia Lafont


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