Where Is The Instruction Manual?

Please remember that you asked to be human.  The growth and learning you are receiving now will extend far beyond the life you chose before you started living it.  The changes you are experiencing now, your awakening, are a necessary part of the process.  Yes, it will be painful at times and yes, it may seem that you are not making any progress at all. But, my dear and beloved child, never lose sight of the fact that all the tools you need are already inside you just waiting to be put to use.  You can spend your time bemoaning the lack of an instruction manual or you can use that time to creatively access whatever you need.  The choice is always yours. ~ Creator

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We invite listeners to come and participate in the discussion and sharing of knowledge. And we thank all our listeners for truly “being” the shows we air.

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Shamanic journey to meet your power animal
by: Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Oracle Report – Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere
Moon in Capricorn
Ruling Mahavidya: (The Lotus Goddess)

– Skill: be the wise owl in inner contemplation and outer observance

– Negative Imprint: demanding one’s way, prejudice, projection of one’s own feelings onto others, moody, denial

– Positive Imprint: integration of aspects of ourselves, openness, expansion, self-respect, clearing of emotions, drawing on inner resources, heritage

This month’s journey on the “sight-seeing bus filled with tourists” takes us along the water’s edge today.

The energetic signatures that most of the planets are delivering today involve water. Water is symbolic of emotions, cleansing, the unconscious mind, and mutability (things being changed by outer forces). Water can be placid or it can be whipped up into white caps. Since we will likely see and/or experience the variety of these “watery” states today, we will invoke the shamanic skill of being like the wise owl in a tree in inner contemplation and outer observance.

This means we quiet our minds. We direct (command) the swirling energies to whirl away from us by not engaging anything that tries to draw us into a power struggle, a dramatic conflict, an emotional tailspin, or lower-level vibrations. We go to the inner spaces and we do this while we are fully active in our everyday lives. We carry the mindset of the wise owl in the tree. This is why it is called a skill. It requires practice. The goal is to be able to maintain it all day.

It’s easier to do when you remember the “observe” element. We aren’t in stasis in our inner contemplation. We are also alert to the liveliness of the world around us and the way Spirit wields the collective dream to impart messages, information, and wisdom to us. So we are open to direct interaction from Spirit, but neutral to the matrix.

This month’s ruling Wisdom Goddess is Kamala, who is also known as the Lotus Goddess because she brings passions back to life for blooming. She is especially good at helping us make admissions to ourselves about our shadow sides. When we integrate more of our shadow side, we become stronger. Today she will attempt to mutate or change patterns of behavior that keep us from actualizing the brilliant light codes of our souls. She draws something out of us, possibly something very deep, and then blesses us.

Regardless of what situations, feelings, and conditions are today, they are undergoing a transmutation into something else. When we get to the Full Moon phase of this cycle, we will have gained more clarity and insight about these things. Today is an important connecting piece on the journey.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report. Blessings to all!

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day October 29

“Mothers must protect the lives they have helped to bring into the world.” –Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

Every child is subject to the seeds each adult plants in his/her mind. If we plant praise and “you can do it”, the child will grow up with certain predictable behavior patterns. If we plant ideas that there’s something wrong with you or you’re good for nothing, the child will grow up with predictable behavior patterns. We need to honor and respect the mothers who protect the children and plant positive seeds for their growth.

Great Spirit, bless each mother and give her courage and faith.

Astrology for the Soul October 28, 2014

by: Tom Lescher – Pele Report

It’s not necessary to control,
For the outcome of my life,
Is the result not only of my doing,
But of feelings deep inside.

The downside of these aspects is falling into becoming an obsessive compulsive obnoxious ………. pushing and shoving everyone around to get your way. The fear and insecurity that drives such behavior can have its roots in guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness…. “I have to push because Life doesn’t want to give me anything (because I don’t deserve it)… and can go further down to simply “I’m a bad person, its hopeless, who cares.” What’s more, these feelings can then be projected out on the world so we can think that everybody is no good and it is a dog-eat-dog world and the patriarchal programming will have succeeded in keeping everyone at odds with everyone else! Time to bust the programming and move into a more loving, united, community of co-workers instead of competitively feeling our feelings which connect us to Spirit and each other….. Injoy!



The world is in chaos
Natural disasters abound
The world is in chaos
Just look around
The time is upon us
The time is at hand
When mighty warriors
Will once again roam our land
They are keepers of stories
Legends rituals and myths
They walk amongst us
They live in our midst
They come to awaken
The Great Spirit within us
To help form a new world
Filled with Peace, Freedom and Justice
Petty jealousies, prejudices all put aside
In peace, love, understanding
We would all abide
Living in harmony and love
With all mankind
Strength and beauty in prayer
Together we’ll find
Their thoughts are pure
Caring for our needs
Shown by their warmth
And their unselfish deeds
Our children once again
Learn respect for Mother Earth
Lands, forests birds and animals
Experiencing rebirth
Earth Medicine for all they say
Friends, sisters and our brothers
Must become a way of life
To care for one another
We need leaders today
And here’s just a thought
How about some with wisdom
That’s been earned and not bought
Who have courage and love
Understanding of people
For a world filled with peace
Not merely survival

A little ditty by Envisage

SCORPIO ~ Changed, Stronger. “There Must Be Something in the Water”


Post eclipse in Scorpio at zero degrees still has certain Soul themes playing out with a powerful spirit of initiation. With the Sun and Venus traveling together and now forming an angle of heavenly support, called a trine, to Neptune in Pisces, we all will be feeling as if ‘there’s something in the water’.

This permeating energy continues to call us ever deeper, deeper into ourselves and deeper into the mysteries of life. Nothing like the Sun and Venus in penetrating Scorpio and their elevating angle to Neptune to leave us all feeling forever changed, stronger and with a trust that this current is taking us further, definitely deeper, but ultimately higher.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the three water signs in the zodiac. Together this water trinity, symbolizing pure emotion, reflects the evolutionary path for the Soul, as we can only truly evolve via the emotional body – heart, soul, spirit.

A healing door is here, there is light ahead, but you must get into the water. You must soften, open, and expand that inner space of vulnerability, in order benefit in full! – GO DEEP!

Kristin Fontana ~ Evolutionary Astrologer

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