Archangel Gabriel Message for the Week

Channeled by Shanta Gabriel

Allow the Grace of the Angels to work in everyday functions.

images-1It is interesting to consider that the Angels want to work in everyday functions. That means that no matter what we are doing, inviting the Angels to participate with us would add a new and beautiful dimension to our activities.

The Angels are working for the awakening of every person on the planet to help create a world that holds the Peace and the Beauty that most of us want to experience.

They are always available to us, but because this is a Free Will planet we need to invite the Angels to participate in our lives before they will help out. I have had amazing experiences when I invited the Angels to assist me in relationship issues, technical computer cases and health challenges, as well as a myriad of other situations. In every instance their help has been very creative and often magical. There seems to be no place where they will not come to support me if I but ask.

Working with the Angels is beyond the mind’s capacity to understand. Beneath the level of everyday awareness lies the spirit that is your true state of being. When you turn the light of clear seeing into yourself anew, a beautiful world opens to you and life responds by offering the magic of awakening energy.

f82be549aa6e2e34f12ead3164ecde48When everything takes on an enchanted edge, you are lifted up on wings of Angels to be carried into the realms your soul remembers. It feels like Home, and your inner being rejoices in the experience of the Love that awaits you.

This is the gift being offered to you by the Angelic Dimensions. There are some Angels that have been with you from the moment of your soul’s first incarnation and Angels that came to you for this lifetime. There are Angels that show up when you are in a challenge that will benefit your soul’s growth. And there are legions of Angels who are specifically working to support us through the Shift of the Ages we are all experiencing. Every one of these beings of Light holds your best interest at heart and is at the beckoning of your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self knows the Angels from whom your soul would most benefit. It is your job to be in contact with this most exalted part of your being and let this benevolent friend, your Higher Self who is your Soul’s voice, bring to you the help and guidance that you are seeking from the realms of Angels.

We have an amazing opportunity available right now because the veils are thinning between the dimensions. As we are straddling our habitual 3D life and the new life awakening in the 5th Dimensional levels, we are opening doorways to unlimited channels of goodness. We do not need to do it by ourselves to prove that we can. We know we are capable, but often it is so much more fun if we let ourselves be loved and supported.

guardian-angelsYou are being asked to step out in Faith and open to a new level of empowerment and joyous life. Everyday functions become the enchanted way of living that many of us imagined was possible. Your willingness to ask for help miraculously brings us into alignment with the Creative Source of All That Is. Allowing ourselves to receive all the good that is available for us becomes our main task.

It’s a big challenge, but someone has to do it. It might as well be you. Just think how your willingness to receive helps the Angels to fulfill their destiny. You would be doing them a big favor.

You do not know what wonder the Angels have in store for you when you remember to ask and allow them to love and support you. It is a precious gift being offered, and all you have to do is receive.

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