Almost home from the battle field

I’m seeing the light over there.. toward the end of the present battle! Over my shoulder has been my guides, my ancestors and those that I acknowledge as elders and mentors. I stepped into this challenge more than a year ago now and the frequencies and the power of spiritual downloading have all been and continue to be so intense!

It has and continues to be an intense battle, which one of my guides warned me of it’s coming and this warning gave me ample opportunity to start by unloading some of the negative baggage that I had weighing me down! I chose to step into this with all of my powers of intuition, perception and humility, the rewards have been great!

The present intensity of this battle within the coming full moon of Scorpio has me near physical exhaustion which in turn challenges my mental quickness to respond to the negativity that is hitting my shield, but as I continue to push forward along the path, I continue the dumping of the negativity of the shadows so long held within!

As the negative aspects are being shed, the clearing of space to continue to download the love and the light gifted by Creator is so intense. I chose this battle, this journey of awakening and this climb up the mountain of insight and awareness. The moon aspect of Scorpio has always been one my biggest challenges as in the eleventh sign coming into my home of Sagittarius and then the re-grounding of Capricorn, ‘the light over there’.

I am so close to the peak of this mountain and it is with so much gratitude and humility that I recognize the companionship of my guides, my elders, the ancestors and All my relations! The shield I carry has provided so much needed protection from the negativity of this battle and the world around me! The sword I carry continues to be filled with the love and the light of Creator!

I AM Blessed, filled with gratitude, humility and have been given so much further power of insight and perception, the spirit of the owl has evolved within! I see.. within and without judgment or expectations..

Expecting Mission Upgrades by Tuesday.. Aho WiseOwL @v@

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